Thursday, 15 January 2009

Schouten China Won 2008 “Top 10 Training Organizations”Award

11th, January 2009, Beijing. Schouten China received an award as one of the top 10 training organizations in 2008 at the “2009 Annual Meeting on China Management Training and Human Resource Planning” event, organized by China Human Resource Union and China Training, leading HR organization and training media in China.

VIPs from top HR organizations and business schools attended the meeting. Among them are director of EMBA center of Business School of Renmin University (one of China’s top universities and business schools), Chairman of Union of China Learning Organisations, CEO of China Training and chairman of China MBA Union etc.

Mr. Chris Qishi Jiang, Chief Executive Officer and Senior Trainer of Schouten China, was awarded as one of the “Top 10 Traners” in 2008 at the event and was invited to give a speech at the meeting on “Change to be more effective”. In his speech Mr. Jiang talked about the importance of soft skills and he described it in his “Formula Toward Success” model on how to achieve success:

Chris’ structured explanation on the importance of soft skills was very well received by the audience. From this model he started to explain the unique soft skills training service of Schouten China. At the end of his speech he invited the audience to do a simple exercise on behavior change and it was received with passionate applause.

The awards were accredited by the executive committee of the event ograniser and the online voting campaign of China Training.